Our Goal

Our goal, as individuals working together, is to be as productive as possible. Personal injury and equipment damage caused by accidents reduce our ability to achieve this goal. We must operate safely to avoid the pain and cost which can result from accidents. Safety is not something extra added to our job. It is the result we enjoy from doing things properly. Doing a job “properly” is using proper procedure which:

Uses a minimum effort.

Consumes a minimum amount of time.

Creates minimal risk to people and equipment.

Our Policy

It is quite simply the process of doing a job as quickly and easily as possible with maximum safety. Proper work procedures do not waste time even though they may take longer. To sacrifice safety for speed defeats our primary goal. Preventing accidents and controlling loss is a task which crosses all levels of organization and activity in our company. To achieve success in our safety program it will be our policy to:

  • Identify hazards and avoid or eliminate them through the selection of work procedures and equipment requirements.
  • Assign personal responsibility to supervisors and workers for the use of proper work procedures within their control.
  • Select capable personnel willing to contribute to the success of an accident prevention program.
  • Provide personnel with formal training in the skills and knowledge needed to work in and supervise a low risk operation.

Our Commitment

Diamond Energy Services has the responsibility for, and is committed to, the following:

  • The personal safety of all employees and others dealing with the company.
  • Protecting the environment.
  • Controlling and minimizing loss.

The terms “safe” and “safety” refer to not only personal safety, but to the broader definition of the term which addresses all three objectives as listed above.  Diamond Energy Services believes that every job can and must be done safely and that everyone must accept the responsibility for safety. All employees have the right, and in fact, the obligation, to insist that unsafe conditions be corrected before proceeding with the work. In order of priority, the work must be done safely, correctly, and efficiently.

Safety, Environmental and Loss Control Program

To meet our commitment, a Safety, Environmental and Loss Control Program has been implemented. Compliance with all aspects of the program is a condition of employment and is strictly monitored and enforced. Failure to comply will result in disciplinary actions including possible termination of employment. Additionally, all employees will be evaluated not on the quantity of work, but on the safety, compliance and results. Specifically, the program:

  • Defines the specific safety hazards encountered in Diamond Energy Services operations and provides rules and procedures for safe operation.
  • Has effective, two way communication between all concerned.
  • Will be implemented and maintained as a relevant definition of Diamond Energy Services operating practices which are both safe and effective and have the full commitment of management and all employees.

Environmental Policy

Diamond Energy Services is committed to ensure that practical and effective measures are utilized to protect the health and safety of its employees, oil companies and the public.  Diamond Energy Services complies with all relevant health, safety and environmental legislation.


Management is responsible for, and is actively involved in, the implementation of the company’s health, safety and environmental protection activities and provides the necessary equipment, training and procedures to comply with the Petroleum Industry’s Guiding Principles.


All employees are expected to actively participate in, and assist with, the health and safety of individuals and protection of the environment.  Diamond Energy Services encourages employee initiative in the ongoing development of the company’s safety and loss control activities.