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Our Commitment

Preventing accidents and controlling loss across all levels of organization and activity in our company.

Diamond Energy Services is committed to the personal safety of all employees and others dealing with the company, protecting the environment, and controlling and minimizing loss.

Our Safety Policy

To achieve success in our safety program it is our policy to:

Environmental Policy

Safety, Environmental, Loss and Control Program

Petroleum Industry Guiding Principles For Worker Safety

We have a responsibility to protect all workers engaged from personal injury and health hazards. The safety of all personnel is of vital importance, whether those personnel are employed by an operating company, a contractor, a sub-contractor, a service company or a supplier.

Diamond Energy Services is committed to ensure that practical and effective measures are utilized to protect the health and safety of its employees, oil companies and the public.  Diamond Energy Services complies with all relevant health, safety and environmental legislation.

Management is responsible for, and is actively involved in, the implementation of the company’s health, safety and environmental protection activities and provides the necessary equipment, training and procedures to comply with the Petroleum Industry’s Guiding Principles.

All employees are expected to actively participate in, and assist with, the health and safety of individuals and protection of the environment.  Diamond Energy Services encourages employee initiative in the ongoing development of the company’s safety and loss control activities.